As a Circuit Court Judge in Lake County I was honored to be appointed to serve, and today I am even more honored to stand before you, the voters of Lake County, Illinois, to earn your vote for election.   This is how Illinois law ensures that not only are accomplished and vetted lawyers appointed to fill court vacancies, but that they then turn to the citizens and campaign to earn their support.

I see this as an amazing opportunity for us to get to know about each other.

My legal career is one of public service and dedication to justice and I have had the privilege of serving our citizens for the past 22 years.

While I may not have “grown up” in Lake County, I have made Lake County my home for the last 21 years – living, working and raising a family here.  I am committed to the continuing support and investment in our county and in our courts, to ensuring that all persons who come into our legal system receive fair and honest treatment.  As a prosecutor for 17 years, I was tasked with making difficult decisions, judgments that affected potential defendants, victims and the community.  I made those decisions with fairness, compassion and character.  As a Judge, I am a decision-maker and use the same characteristics I utilize every day as a daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend – fairness, honesty, integrity, kindness, patience, compassion and being a good listener.  If elected, I would continue to make decisions without delay, in good conscience, while treating others with respect and dignity.

This appointment is a tremendous honor and earning the votes of citizens to elect me are responsibilities that I do not take lightly.  As a girl from a small town in southern Illinois, I was taught two things above all else: work hard and be nice.  If chosen, I will continue to work hard, be nice and strive for justice every day.